Mission and Bylaws

The mission of the Friends of Raymond is to preserve,  interpret, manage, and promote significant historic sites in Raymond,  Hinds County, Mississippi, and the surrounding area and to receive contributions or grants from any and all sources to be used for one or more of the foregoing purposes.

Friends of Raymond Bylaws


Board of Directors

The Friends of Raymond Board of Directors consists of nine members who are elected to serve three-year terms on a rotating basis. The Board manages the business, property, and affairs of the organization. Board members meet on the first Thursday evening of each month, and official meeting minutes are kept.

The 2017 FOR Board of Directors and Officers are:

  • Pam Howorth – President
  • Charles Davis
  • Ben Fatherree
  • Dan Hogan
  • Don Lacey
  • K P. Lewis
  • Billy Pape
  • Mickey Roth
  • Isla Tullos

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